Are you interested in innovation, digitisation, and entrepreneurship? During the course Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts, you’ll become a commercial and all-round professional that uses innovative digital marketing strategies for an optimal business result.


We train you to become a modern, forward-looking marketing specialist. This programme will teach you how to design digital concepts and market them. During your studies, our network can connect you with companies that develop digital experiences and help customers in their online ambitions and challenges. Think of interning at a digital agency, start-up, or a corporate innovation department. Examples of prominent companies collaborating with Marketing Managment - Digital Business Concepts are TamTam, Freshheads, and large organisations such as Coolblue, Heineken, and Philips. 

Why this study in the Netherlands?

  • The study environment is very personal, so you’ll become part of a tight community and network.
  • The program consists of a varied combination of marketing, media, creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, and the development and implementation of (digital) concepts.
  • You’ll gain a lot of practical experience and will be able to build a network in the digital sector.
  • There will be many opportunities to connect your personal, entrepreneurial ambitions to your studies - for example, by launching a start-up.

What are you going to learn?

At the programme Digital Business Concepts, you’ll learn to design and market digital concepts while being data-driven. As you grow throughout your studies, we’ll also guide you in your personal development. This will allow you to discover the difference between being entrepreneurial and being an entrepreneur. 

  • You’ll work on real assignments from leading companies in the field, such as Heineken, Tesla and Philips.
  • Our programme will enable you to develop creativity, business insight, research and organisational skills, planning strategies, and communication.
  • Subjects include concepting and creativity, online marketing, futurology, big data marketing, and media and data technology.

Denisa studies Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts


How does your week look?

The Marketing Management - Digital Business Concepts course will unleash your inner entrepreneur. You’ll develop your skills by working on an assignment for a company in the field and by gaining knowledge about digital developments during interesting lectures. Classes will take up 14 hours per week and you’ll work on projects for 10 hours per week. On average, self-study will comprise 16 hours a week.