Georgi shares his experiences in this video:

“At Fontys we have the possibility to visit companies, work with companies and that really helps us understand how businesses need to be operated.”



Below you can find the description of the study programme per year. If you wish to take a more detailed look at the courses that we have on offer, it is possible to download the course description.

Students of Logistics Management and Logistics Engineering follow a joint programme during the first three semesters. During this time, students are taught the basics of logistics, economics, statistical models and project management. Every semester is dedicated to a topic: (1) Warehousing and Materials Handling, (2) Distribution. (3) Production and (4) Integrated Logistics. Each semester focuses on a project dedicated to the semester topic. Additionally, you’ll get a feeling of what the main tasks of a logistician are through company visits. We’ll provide you with general business knowledge and relevant soft skills such as professionalism, teamwork, self-reflection, and communication.
In the second academic year, you’ll deepen and expand on your knowledge. After the third semester, you’ll choose to specialise in either Logistics Management or Logistics Engineering. In Logistics Engineering, you’ll now focus on topics such as data science, demand prediction and statistical models in order to enhance your logistic processes. This is called operations management. Your priority is to improve the logistic performance through lowering costs or increase customer service level.
In the first semester of year three, you’ll do an internship in a company and industry of your choice. In the second semester, you deepen or broaden your knowledge in a specific theme in a minor programme. The minor programme provides you with the opportunity to acquire knowledge in a different field than your major or chose topics such as Customs Management or E-Commerce to expand your knowledge in Logistics. You can choose to do this minor at Fontys, at one of our partner universities in the Netherlands, or at one of our 125 partner universities abroad.

The first semester of your final year is your last semester on campus. During this semester, the main focus of your classes and projects is on the field of Supply Chain Management. In Logistics Engineering, you deepen your analytical knowledge in data and process mining and other quantitative analysis tools. You study how to build predictive models and extract information form large databases, all with the goal to enable intelligent decision making.

In the final semester, you’ll do another internship work placement for 5 months and help a company to find a smart solution to their problem. You report the solutions to this practical problem in your final product: the graduation report.