Career opportunities

Our graduates work in many different fields all over the world. Your specialisation in Logistics Management or Engineering does not tie you to a specific job profile. Some examples of positions you may take on:

  • Supply Chain Management: Some of our graduates work in supply chain management. They’re involved in supplier management, negotiating prices and realising service levels. Working in SCM means finding the best solution for your customers and managing the global flow of goods including storing and distribution.
  • Consulting: As a consultant, you’re involved in projects where you consult various clients. This can be in the implementation of new IT systems, monitoring inventory or managing warehouse performance. You may also advise on designing new layouts for warehouses or help clients to improve their purchasing processes in order to minimise costs – all while maintaining the availability of products for production and sales.
  • Manager Operations: Warehouse Manager, Inbound Operator, Distribution Planner, and Head of Production. Our graduates work in a company and are responsible for optimal performances within their area. Their tasks include managing personnel, making sure that targets are achieved, and striving for continuous improvement.


“A chain is as strong as its weakest link. Logistics teaches how to tighten the links in the science of getting a product from A to B”