The hamburger you buy, those new jeans, a car: all products are preceded by major logistical processes. The complexity of these relationships between manufacturing, warehousing and distribution demand intelligent networks. Interested in being part of the logistical hotspot in Europe? As a Logistics Engineering student, you learn to evaluate logistical processes and come up with process designs and improvements to implement these.


As a Logistics Engineering student, you’ll learn to manage the movement of products through smart process design, operations optimisation and data analytics. You’ll work on projects with industry partners, supported by lectures and workshops. Important topics are evaluating processes and creating process designs, and you’ll learn about data simulation, IT programming and smart warehousing. Engagement in project work will allow you to develop your skills in teamwork, communication and leadership. Company visits, lectures from industry experts and two internships provide you with insights of the real-life work environment.

Why this study in the Netherlands?

  • Alongside two internships, you’ll also work on three company projects during the course of your study. This means that you’ll have 2.5 years of practical experience by the time you graduate!
  • We provide hands-on coaching on your professional skills, such as communication, teamwork, and leadership
  • You’ll be supported by a personal mentor who will guide you throughout your studies
  • You’ll be immersed in a small, personal study environment

This programme is also partly being offered in German. Interested in the German programme?


What are you going to learn?

  • Intelligent production processes to save costs
  • Smart warehousing to guarantee a high customer service
  • Quick transport through air, rail, road or shipping to ensure that your products arrive on demand
  • Data simulation and IT programming to align to smart factories and artificial intelligence

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How does your week look?

Each week has two project days which are structurally planned for you. You’ll either spend the days on campus or within the company you’re doing the project for. Aside from the project days, 2-3 days of the week will be dedicated to following lectures. Each week, you’ll have approximately 25 hours of following lectures or working with your project group. Another 15 hours per week consist of self-study, which includes homework assignments, preparing for lectures and studying for exams.

Each semester has 3-4 individual exams. For the semester project, reports and presentations have to be delivered together with your group. Retakes of the exams and for the projects are offered in the same period.

Get to know our campus

Check out our classrooms, outside area, engineering labs, the city of Venlo and much more via our 360° tour.

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