Karina Kozarova

Why Fontys?

I was looking for a university outside of Bulgaria in which to study ICT and Fontys definitely stood out from every other university for the fact that it is in Eindhoven (the Brainport of Europe) and the fact that the study programme is about innovation and applied knowledge rather than just studying theory.

Do you have some tips for new students?

Make sure you meet as many people as you can – maybe one of the best things I have gotten so far out of Fontys other than the knowledge is the network of people that surround me. It doesn’t matter if it is a teacher, a mentor or a classmate – everyone can and most likely will help you out on your ICT journey.

Anything you want to add?

Make sure you also do sports and travel while in the Netherlands. The student sport centrum in Eindhoven offers all kinds of activities and sports for Fontys students and there are student teams that you can join to extend your network even further. The Netherlands is a beautiful country that you must explore when you are a student.

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