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Bachelor ICT & Technology

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Bachelor ICT & Technology

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ICT & Technology

In this track, you will be working with software for technical systems that people do not readily recognise as computers. Think, for example, of software in an MRI scanner in a hospital, the engine management system in the new BMW, the automation of the production process of a beer brewery, your navigation system, or environmental monitoring systems for the World Wildlife Fund.

ICT & Technology has 2 focus areas:

  • Creating software for embedded systems: the software is part of the product itself, for example when controlling a 3D printer.
  • Industrial automation: for example, setting up a fully automatic assembly line, where robots turn individual components into a ready-made end product.

After this programme, you can work as a software engineer, technical designer, ICT architect or consultant in the embedded systems, technical information systems or industrial automation sector.

Find more details about the subjects per semester ICT & Technology..

You will design and program a simple embedded system which interacts with your environment by means of sensors, actuators, motors and generic electronic hardware using microcontrollers like Arduino.
Introduction to imperative programming in C and C#
Introduction to Embedded systems
2Introduction to technical systemsProject:
You will present a solution to a traffic flow related problem
Embedded System programming in C
Object oriented programming and design in C#
Elementary electronics and measurement techniques
3Embedded Distributed SystemsProject:
Build a distributed solution for a (real) customer that entails a realistic challenge (for example a maze solver) or build a solution for an industrial problem
OO Analysis and Design
Programming in C++
Multithreaded (realtime) programming
Industrial Automation
Networking (distributed and IoT)
4SpecialisationSpecialisation choice.
5Internship ProfessionalInternship: Work and study in an ICT company
6Software EngineeringProject:
You will participate in an innovation oriented project for a customer.
Advanced Embedded Systems
Software Design Patterns
Software Project Management
Model Driven Development
7Minor graduationMinor choice.
8Graduation assignmentGraduation internship