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Bachelor ICT & Media Design

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Bachelor ICT & Media Design

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ICT & Media Design

At ICT & Media Design, you are constantly thinking up and creating valuable ICT-based applications for new media. You will learn to take a critical look at the role of media in society. Your role is to create ICT-based media concepts, with which you can convey stories to your target group. You learn to build useful applications and you are given room to experiment and develop your technical and artistic talents. In addition, you will learn to develop real software to bring your knowledge and ideas to life. You will work on interesting projects commissioned by clients from the field in groups, under guidance of a tutor.

After your studies, you will find yourself in a dynamic ICT work field. Here, you will find your niche as a creative front-end developer, interaction designer, creator of digital stories or, later in your career, as a trendsetting media and web strategist.

Find more details about the subjects per semester ICT & Media Design:

1General introduction semester.
2Talent Driven Innovation:you will learn to build a brand for a musical act and design and evelop suitable media products, e.g. websites visual designs, social media, video and stage visuals.
Client: Rock Academy
3Technology driven innovation:you will learn to innovate with technology as a starting point. You will learn to experiment with different technologies and train yourslef as a media designer to create multiple different products for clients. Common subjects in this semester are: user interaction, data & data visualisation, storytelling, media installations.
Example projects:
 design a cool interactive way to select and view 10 - 20 videos in the form of a physical installation.Client: Night of the Nerds
 design an interactive light installation.Client: Glow Light Festival Eindhoven
4Human Driven Innovation:you will learn to innovate with users as a starting point. Based on a briefing by a client you will develop an innovative, interactive media product. Partners in education, the lectorate "Interaction Design" and field experts provide actual and creative cases that you will work on during this semester.
Example projects:
 How can voedselbanken.nl (a Dutch foodbank) reach more needful people who qualify for foodbank but do not apply for it?Client: voedselbanken.nl
 Design an interactive sporting infrastructure for the city of Eindhoven.Client: The vitality living lab
5Internship:work and study in a media / IT company.
6Society Driven Innovation:you will learn to design and develop solutions for actual societal problems or opportunities. You will create services or products based on user research, new technologies and/or societal trends. Research and development are key in this semester.
Example projects:
 How can we improve our non-hospital care with conversational interfaces?Client: Spaarne Gasthuis
 How can we use comedy to create public awareness for the perils of recent trends like deepfakes, identity theft.
 How can we stimulate our audience with help of comedy to think about new techniques, such as deepfakes, data leaks, identity theft.Client: Boom Chicago, Amsterdam
8Graduation:you will do this as a project in a company of your choice.

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Glow Light Festival

Trees of Life and Circle of Life, 2 projects developed by our students

Job opportunities:

Webdeveloper (back end / applications (apps))
- Front-end developer
- UX-designer/researcher
- Interaction Design
- Conversational Experience Designer
- SEO/SEA specialist
- Digital marketeer