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Accelerated Bachelor ICT & Software Engineering

Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Eindhoven) offers eligible international students to start the bachelor ICT & Software Engineering in a fast lane track (6 semesters = 3 years*), that will have an academic approach (including pre-master semester).

This is Interesting for those students who want to stream up in a master programme in a research university immediately after bachelor graduation. This means that you can achieve your bachelor and master degree in 5 years' time.

Popular master tracks are:

  • Computer Science and Engineering (Technical University Eindhoven)
  • Data Science and Entrepreneurship (JADS)

More information about admission requirements and learning objectives

More information about how to apply

Find more details about the subjects per semester Accelerated Bachelor ICT & Software Engineering:

1Basic software engineeringProject:
Creating a meaningful desktop and web application for a limited amount of users
Object Oriented Programming: inheritance, simple design patterns, method overloading, Class Diagrams, Web application, Database, SOLID principles, simple algorithms, unit testing. Math: Logic, Set theory, Linear Algebra, Graph theory
2Distributed Software EngineeringProject:
Develop a full stack web application consisting of or cooperating with several components hosted on different machines
Agile development (Scrum), REST-interfaces, full stack web development, object relation mapping (ORM), Angular/TypeScript, React, usability, international context Algorithms & Datastructures, Automata, Grammars & Parsers
3InternshipWork and study in an ICT company
In parallel at FontysStatistics, Decision Theory
4Enterprise Software EngineeringProject:
Create a large, robust and scalable enterprise applications capable of dealing with huge amounts of data and/or users hosted in a cloud environment, using state of the art techniques with real company stakeholders.
Scalable architectures, high performance interfaces, test automation, continuous integration/continuous delivery (DEVOPS), high level architectures, software as a service, microservices, test automation Function Programming, Data Science, Parallelism & Synchronisation
5MinorPre-master at the Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e)TU/e
6Graduation assignmentGraduation internship