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Sarah Daniali, president of Proxy study association
I believe that Fontys has greatly helped my personal development. From being an introvert that barely speaks her mind to someone who can express her opinions well. The structure of the bachelor programme was perfect for me, both the technical and professional skills I have acquired make me confident in my future career.


Structure and tracks

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is a 4-year broad bachelor programme. In year 1, you’ll start off with a broad orientation on five main study programmes.

When making your application for bachelor of ICT it means that your first 12 weeks of education you do an orientation on all 5 main (above-mentioned) study programmes. After the first 12 weeks you choose 1 of the main study programmes.

In the first year, you’ll work and learn with other students 5 days a week in an Open ICT Lab. You focus on the 5 main study programmes and work on real-world assignments in groups of 6 students. At the end of the first 20 weeks of class, you will have chosen 1 main study programme to continue with and before the beginning of your second year you choose one or more of the extra specialisations (see below).

You’ll also have the opportunity to choose a teaching method that suits you. Teaching methods are different ways of acquiring knowledge and skills. They can vary from more structured and predictable, to more open and following the student’s own input.


The English taught bachelor programme in ICT will be offered at Campus Eindhoven in the so-called Course based teaching method. Want to sign up for this study programme? Please first read more about our teaching methods.

Study choice check:

As a potential new student you have the opportunity to join our Study Choice Check. Even when you are sure you want to study in one of our ICT programmes it is always good to double-check whether this bachelor programme is your cup of tea. You will be invited to join this free test.

Starting in year 2, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from a main profile or specialisation that suits you best. We’ll guide you in making those choices.

You can choose from the following specialisations:

This allows you to create your personal learning path.

From now on you can choose for the Open Learning teaching method and from semester 4 onwards also for Research-based learning. Read more about our teaching methods.

In the first half of year 3, you’ll do an internship with a company. This is the opportunity to really put into practice what you’ve learned during your studies. You’ll carry out one major assignment in the ICT field in which you want to immerse yourself, within a company or organisation of your choice. Of course, we’ll help you decide on your direction.

We have strong partnerships with over 120 companies. We regularly receive offers from companies for suitable internships. You can choose from these, or you can work at a company of your choosing.

Your final year is all about your graduation. You work on a large assignment on the level of a starting ICT professional, with a small research project integrated. You’ll write a thesis and complete your graduation phase with a final presentation at school, in front of your company supervisor and lecturers.