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Bachelor ICT & Business

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ICT & Business

This profile teaches you to become a business informatics expert. In this role, you ensure that organisations function better by deploying smart ICT applications. You will build a bridge between management and users on the one hand, and technicians and administrators on the other. To do this, you must not only understand ICT - you should also know how to communicate, present, write, and report. Speaking and writing skills are therefore also discussed during the programme.

Companies like to hire people who can fulfil an all-round role like that. In addition, as a business informatician, you will help companies to make use of the ever-increasing availability of data about internal business processes, consumer behaviour and social media. Research and statistics are important within ICT & Business, as data specialists are in great demand. After the programme, you can work as a consultant, business analyst, or data specialist, or you can start your own business as an independent entrepreneur.

Find more details about the subjects per semester ICT & Business:

1Data in businessProject:
What innovation do you want to facilitate?
Start with Data visualisation with R, SQL, Getting acquainted with business terminology and processes, professional skills
2Managing your journey to the cloudProject:
Process optimisation
Further in depth Tidyverse of R, SQL, Statistics, Modelling, basics of business and IT financing, information flow, professional skilss.
The IT basics in order for the company
Subjects: more advanced exploratory data analysis, risk management, compliance, ERP, IT economics, information management and IT organisation, professional skills
4SpecialisationSpecialisation choice.
5InternshipInternship: Work and study in an ICT company
Using exploratory tools for auditing in network organisations
Information/enterprise architecture, IT and Data governance, RPA, IT auditing, innovation and organisational change management, prediction tools, process mining, develop on low-coding platform, professional skills
7Minor graduationMinor choice.
8Graduation assignmentGraduation internship