Mohammed about IEM

Hi, my name is Mohammed and I’m a Dutch student at Fontys IE&M.

I chose for IE&M because of the combination of the courses economy and technology. During my senior year of high school, I decided to apply to the Dutch version of IE&M, ‘Technische Bedrijfskunde’. A friend of mine told me that it was possible to follow the study in English. That sounded challenging! My English was all right, so I decided to give IE&M a chance.

Before I made my choice, I made sure to check out multiple schools. Fontys turned out to be the best match for me, because of the many practical projects. I also liked the diversity of companies to work on projects for. I decided to apply for a ‘try out’ day at IE&M and after this day all my doubts about the level of English were gone!

At first, I wasn’t bothered by the big step of high school to higher education, but after a few months I realized it was harder than I thought. The way of teaching is completely different to high school, and it took me some time to get used to it. Eventually I got a good grasp on it, and I managed to get my propedeuse the first year.

'' The most difficult part was the differences in cultures, but you can learn a lot about the diversity in the world which makes it more fun''.

We started the year with 60 students from all around the world. I’ve noticed that our Dutch culture is very direct. This sometimes led to someone feeling offended, while I didn’t mean to offend them. The opposite side is that you’ll learn a lot from all the different cultures, and it creates a lot of diversity within the education.

During my last group project, I worked for a family business, and I focused on the occupancy rate of the personnel in the field. The most interesting part of the project was the fact that I could apply my knowledge into a real company. The result of our research was to make small changes to create a cost reduction of €460k/a year!

If I could give anyone some advice on their choice of study, I would recommend choosing an education that feels right for you. Think about what your interests are and what you find important about studying.

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