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You are introduced to the broad subject of Industrial Engineering and Management. During the first quarter, you immediately start learning about production techniques and materials used in production. You’ll work in groups, analysing a household device with all its components. The remaining quarters of the first year will be dedicated to group tasks on analysing and finding improvements for companies going through a range of change processes, including changes to production facility and product design. We also organise introductory lectures on key subjects such as business economics, manufacturing technique, and organisational science and management.

Subjects semester 1: Communication, Business Creativity, Technology, Logistics, English (portfolio), Health and Safety, Business Modells, Marketing, Business Intelligence.

Subjects semester 2: Organization & Management, Business Economics, Industrial Engineering Workshops, Communication, Business Creativity.

Student about IEM

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In year 2, you start working on problems that real companies are faced with. Together with your fellow students and your tutors, you work on improving business processes. You apply your theoretical knowledge in real companies. What do customers want? What about the costs? What do the staff members want? What machines will be used? Can you see things differently, gain a better understanding? You gain insight into the workings of a company, tackle problems and reveal opportunities.

Subjects semester 1: Reseach Skills, Operations Management, Law, Project Management, Logistics and more.

Subjects semester 2: B2B Marketing, Human Resource Management, Statistics, Corporate Social Responsability Purchasing and more.

What’s it like at school

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In the third year, you follow a minor of your choice and complete an internship at an internationally oriented company. During this internship, you are expected to solve a real problem the company is faced with, and you initiate the implementation of your own solution, possibly connected to shortening lead-time, reducing production costs or addressing new market segments.

Semester 1: Minor: Free choice from programmes offered by Fontys or pre-master at Eindhoven University of Technology.

Semester 2: Internship project at an international company.

Contact with companies

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In the first semester of year 4, you work on a group assignment and assist an internationally oriented company to realise one of its ambitions – for example, improving the logistical chain or international marketing. In the second semester, you’ll work on your graduation project, which involves analysing and advising on a complicated business issue. This is the ultimate opportunity to demonstrate that you are ready to get your bachelor’s degree.

Semester 1: Macro Economics, Supply Chain Management, Business English, Quick Response Manufacturing, International Finance, International Organization and IT, International Law and more.

Semester 2: Graduation project at an international company.