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Entering the doors of Fontys you can feel the place inviting you to explore yourself and the world."



Year 1 teaches you about the wide scope of communication. Each study period focuses on a particular theme in which students work on projects for real clients and companies. The themes are:

  • Media
  • Branding and Activation
  • Reputations and Relations
  • Content and Creation

We work on practical assignments and provide you with the tools, insights and hands-on experience to take on communication projects. After year 1, you understand the terminology and are able to specialise in parts of the field of communication that suit you best.

Year 2 is all about deepening your knowledge. We built on the insights you have gained in year 1, and we will cover more advanced topics, such as crisis communication and brand strategy. In the second part of the year, you will follow intensive courses on storytelling and online communications, and you will take part in a strategy challenge. In year 2, you will transition from a generalist into a communication expert.

Year 3 can be best described as a year of exploration and specialisation. You spend 5 months working as an intern in a company in the Netherlands or abroad. The internship is a great way to customise the study programme, as you can choose the company yourself. We also provide a list of companies we have worked with before.

During the second half of the year, students follow a minor. This allows students to expand their study programme with subjects that are offered at other universities. Students can opt for a minor offered at Fontys, a minor offered by a university in the Netherlands, or a minor offered by one of our partner universities abroad. We have established partnership agreements with universities all over the world.

In your final year, you and a team of students will work as independent communication specialists. You take on projects for real clients and build your portfolio. For each project, you decide whether you will work individually or you gather a team of students to help organisations with their communication issues. Throughout the year, you will be able to show your skills as a communications manager and prove to be ready for the next step in your career.