Study programme

The innovative study program content combines the acquisition of technical competences on high level with its implementation in an individual and collective creational process. You are encouraged to develop your personal artistic profile both as creator and performer in circus art. The academic constituent of the study encourages intense reflection on arts and the situation of the artist within culture and society and has several aims. An average study year starts end of August and runs until the second half of July. Normal school activities will last 40 - 42 weeks, including examination and production periods.


These are the disciplines we teach at our academy: Disciplines

The program aims to:

The program aims to:
Educate you as a versatile, highly-skilled circus artist who will find employment as performer and creator in various branches of the professional field of contemporary circus and circus-related performing arts;
Develop your physical, technical and creative talent to the highest attainable level;
Give individual, distinct and clear-cut shape to your artistic profile;
Stimulate both your aptitude and passion for individual and collective performance work and
Encourage and facilitate intensive contact with the professional field from the start of your study, so as to confront you with the reality and the actuality of the professional practice.

Study program content

The program comprises eight modules. Each module embraces a certain number of subjects which participate in an integrative and progressive way to the achievement of the educational aims. The modules are spread over the four years of study, according to the specific objectives of the different phases.


- circus techniques
- expression and interpretation
- basic body training
- theory and methods
- laboratory and research
- performances/productions
- career planning and management
- minor