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At AMPA you are able to design a large part of your trajectory yourself. We believe that education is best when tailored to a student’s individual needs and prefer to shape it through the student’s personal interest, qualities and preferences. A professional team of mentors will guide you to make the right choices. You do not only become excellent musicians who can connect to the existing music field, but we also educate you to become frontrunners who inspire and change the current state of the art. Our internationally renowned professors, an excellent team of mentors, and a number of high-profile ensembles in residence will bring your artistry to a higher level! 

AMPA offers the following programmes. Here you can find all the information about the instrument classes we offer and the teachers:


A week at AMPA

At AMPA you have a 5-day study week from Monday till Friday. In the morning courses on music theory, music history, cultural theory, entrepreneurship and artistic research are offered.  

In the afternoon the instrument lessons (individual, group lessons, technique, complementary instrument piano) and ensemble lessons take place as well as the masterclasses and guest lectures. You also have time to study in the afternoon.
In the evening we host a lot of concerts, On Stage try out concerts, sessions, etc. together with our local partners. Also guest lectures on e.g. copyrights, artistic technological skills and workshops take place.  

On top of this we host 3 projectweeks per year together with our partners in the field. Therefore, it is a full time study of 40 hours per week. 

  • Develop basic skills in instrument (technique and interpretation), ensemble, music theory, history, cultural history and research.
  • Interdisciplinarity (working together with toher disciplines, body and mind (Cesar Therapy, injury prevention)
  • Projects & masterclasses. 
  • Additional piano lessons
  • For jazz student we also offer playground (playing together with instrument professors) and bigband lessons (all years)
  • Classical singers have an additional trajectory in languages (French, IPA, German, Italian) and drama (actor training, theatrical improvisation). 

  • Richter and deeper level of lessons in instrument, ensemble, music theory, history, cultural history and research.
  • 2 introductionary courses (to select out of 8): concerning conducting, teaching, entrepreneurship or theory on demand.
  • Interdisciplinarity: focus on the theatricallity of music performance
  • Projects & masterclasses
  • Additonal instrument lessons
  • Classical singers have an additional trajectory in languages (French, IPA, German, Italian) and drama (actor training, theatrical improvisation). 

      • Instrument and ensemble continues.
      • Entrepreneurship course.
      • Interdisciplinarity:  focus on concept development for concerts and performances. 
      • Project and masterclasses
      • Free Choice (30 out of 60EC): you can design yor own trajectory

        • Focus on final exam and personal interdisciplinary project
        • Electives (10EC)
        • Entrepreneurship course
        • Projects ands masterclasses


          “Design your own musical programme”

          Michael van Dijk