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Admission requirements

In order to be admitted, you will complete a practical video audition and an online theory test. When in doubt, we invite you to do a live audition at FHK. In addition, you should prove being in possession of a diploma of higher secondary education, as well as having sufficient English proficiency.

Only after admission to the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (so after the audition) you have to send documents like diplomas and (languages) certificates. So ignore the request of Studielink!


The practical video audition forms the core of your admission to the program. In the overview of classical and jazz main subjects, you will find the admission requirements for your main subject.

Singing: If you passed the first round you will be invited to the second round.

Theory test

In addition, you will complete a theory test to demonstrate your knowledge of music theory. You can find a practice test below, with audio tracks and an answer key:

Required theoretical knowledge

What do you need to know in order to perform well on this test?
• Ability to transcribe a rhythmic dictation
• Ability to transcribe a melodic dictation
• Knowledge of intervals
• Knowledge of triads

You will be invited for a theory test after a positive assessment of your online audition.

Requirements (language & diploma)

To be eligible as a prospective Bachelor degree program student, you must have been awarded a diploma of higher secondary education that is equivalent to Dutch standards and there is a minimum English language proficiency required.

All the information about the language & diploma requirements you can download here.

Deadline documents

Once admitted, you will be requested to send a proof of the English language requirement (see English proficiency), a certified copy and official translation in English of your original diploma and grades list.
Note for Non-EU students: make sure you prepare your documents before May 1.

For non-EU students the deadline is April 1 (to arrange the visa in time).

For EU students the deadline is July 1 (including a proof of the English language requirement when the English language skills were not sufficient during the intake).