Managing director

Martyn Smits - Managing Director Academy of Music and Performing Arts

Over the last few years, I was able to develop the concept of AMPA with my team; a beautiful concept I am very proud of. In September 2017 we started with AMPA and retrospectively we can say with certainty that it is a success! Students from all over the world participate in our exceptional program. With our specific focus on the individual development and personal growth of every student, AMPA really educates unique, excellent musicians, who are able to design their search for their artistic identity in a sustainable and resilient manner.

Highlights in the program are the large amount of instrumental coaching every week; in individual lessons, group lessons, technique and ensemble. Our focus on team teaching really results in critical, self-conscious students, who are able to find their ways in the wide range of performance practices which characterize the contemporary music field.

Also, our 4-year practice-based research trajectory and entrepreneurial route are directly relevant for the study-, performing and reflection practice of every professional musician. The combination of theory and practice, our theory on demand concept, the possibility to largely design your curriculum yourself and the inspiring projects, masterclasses and collaborations with our ensembles in residence, are of major importance for the development of the student.

Last but not least, AMPA’s trump card is the challenging possibility to meet 15 other art disciplines in our own building of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts in Tilburg. Developing yourself as a musician in close relation to dancers, actors, designers and architects is really inspiring. You can learn a lot from each other with regard to stage presentation, theatrical awareness and artistic concept development. In short, a program to be proud of! I hope to welcome you soon!

Ambience photo Fontys