Our ambition

The core of the assignment that we give ourselves and the promise that this entails to students, the professional field and society consists of two elements:


We offer students the prospect of being able to discover their own talents and develop into start-ready professionals who accept social responsibility, contribute to innovations in their professional field and continue to develop optimally in their own way.


We work on innovations in the professional field on themes that are relevant to the regions. Here, we work together with the government, institutes and companies on research and development for innovation in the region and invest in the ecosystem in which students and employees can (continue to) professionalise.

Fontys has a clear social assignment: offering inspiring, challenging and high quality higher vocational education and the execution of practical, research that has significance for society. Education and research are appropriate for current and future questions and the needs of the student, the professional field and the (regional) society. We want to formulate, prioritise, research and, if possible, resolve the questions of the future jointly with our partners.