Governance & accountability

The Fontys University of Applied Sciences, as a social institution, strives to account for its activities within its immediate environment in an open and transparent manner. Fontys aims to be judged according to its performance and to communicate openly with its stakeholders. The Fontys Board of Governors and Executive Board have been established in accordance with the principles laid down in the Sector Code for the Governance of Universities of Applied Sciences. The Board of Governors ensures that the Executive Board complies with these principles.

In addition to vertical accountability to various authorities, including the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science, Fontys utilises various forms of horizontal dialogue and accountability. This includes, for example, accountability to students and employees via participation bodies and ‘opleidingscommissies’, or ‘OC’s’ (Degree Programme Committees, or ‘DPC’s’). Many Fontys institutes also have an Advisory Board.


Each Fontys institute has an ‘Instituutsmedezeggenschapsraad’, or ‘IMR’ (Institute Participation Council, or ‘IPC’). The discussion partner for the IPC members is their own Institute Director. The ‘Centrale Medezeggenschapsraad’, or ‘CMR’ (Central Participation Council, or ‘CPC’) is the discussion partner for the Executive Board and the ‘Diensten Medezeggenschapsraad’, or ‘DMR’ (Service Department Participation Council, or ‘SDPC’) is the discussion partner for the Service Department Directors.

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Accreditation of our programmes

All Associate degrees, bachelors' and master programmes at Fontys University of Applied Sciences are accredited by NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaams Accreditatieorganisatie).

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