Technical issues within the agricultural and food sectors are answered by GreenTechLab using research, process analysis, engineering, prototype construction and continued development. To investigate, respond to and resolve issues, GreenTechLab works with students, teachers and staff. For this, internship / graduation assignments, internal projects, minors or school projects are defined.

Students are actively supported by a team of engineers. This is a multidisciplinary team with background in mechatronics, mechanical engineering, process engineering and industrial product design. This will guarantee good results.
Collaboration between Fontys University of Applied Science and Businesses

GreenTechLab is committed to a partnership with Fontys University of Technology and Logistics in Venlo (FHTenL) and companies.

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  • GreenTechLab Projects

    Interactive Planter

    An interactive raised planting bed for urban agriculture


    Het beleg van Venlo

    Agriculture in the city

    With the development of an interactive planting bed, GreenTechLab, together with its partner Het beleg van Venlo, will take a whole new direction in the field of urban agriculture.
    The biggest benefit of agriculture in the city is the combination of growing food and the need of city dwellers to have green, quiet, space and social cohesion; this is possible by jointly maintaining the environment. Through this combination, a natural synergy arises between functions. For example by letting food production combine with improved quality of the urban environment. The result is an efficient use of space and the influence of food as a binding force. We see the interactive planter as a great step towards this development.

    Desired end result

    The project goal is a planter that can be placed in the center of Venlo. It is the intention to make this planter interactive for the public. This interaction will make it attractive to participate in urban agriculture for the city and its inhabitants. In the design of planter the following is taken into account:

    • Cradle-2-cradle principle
    • Target group adults 20 -30 years old
    • Portability
    • Modern interaction
    • Self-sufficient character
    • Vandalism resistance

    €100 Greenhouse

    Grow vegetables and herbs in the living room


    GreenTechLab is looking for partners

    You don't need green fingers

    The assignment is the development of a greenhouse for growing vegetables and herbs in the living room. This greenhouse must be able to regulate water, temperature, humidity, feed, etc. independently. Automation makes it possible for the greenhouse to operate independently for several weeks without maintenance.

    Desired end result

    • Planter suitable for the living room
    • Planter suitable for vegetables and herbs
    • Equipped with sensors and automatic control system
    • Easy to assemble
    • Cost of about € 100, -
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