3D Printing/Objexlab

3D Printing/Obexlab

Objexlab focuses on the latest developments In Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) and Adaptive Robotics.

Objexlab has a unique laboratory in Eindhoven in the field of 3D printing and Robotics. Objexlab is an educational partner and a research partner, where companies, research and educational institutions and governments working together.

Objexlab in cooperation with companies

A versatile and dynamic team of teachers, lecturers, trainees and students work together with staff from industry on current and innovative projects. A unique collaboration, whereby projects are initiated and implemented. A public-private partnership allows for shared responsibility and ensures continuity of projects and facilities in the lab.

Contribution to education

Objexlab contributes to current and attractive bachelor programs within Fontys, and creates competent professionals, who are able to meet the challenges of tomorrow. Objexlab offers various courses and workshops.
In the springof 2015 an international minor has been added to the program.