International bachelor students

Because of the Corona measures, I am not sure whether I will receive my higher professional education propaedeutic year this year. Can I start my wo-bachelor this autumn?
We can imagine that in your propaedeutic year of higher professional education you will experience a small study delay. You won't have a propaedeutic certificate at the end of this academic year. Register at the study programme where you want to continue your studies, but make sure you arrange your re-enrolment at Fontys. In order to be able to start, you will need a recommendation from the examination board of your university of applied sciences. This recommendation must be submitted to the follow-on study programme no later than August, 1and answers the question whether it is reasonable for you to complete the propaedeutic phase in question before January 1, 2021. At the university, you pay the tuition fees and will be enrolled for the first time. At Fontys, you arrange your re-enrolment by submitting a declaration of paid tuition fees from the university.

I am an associate degree student and I am not sure whether I will receive my associate degree this academic year due to the Corona measures. Can I still start my bachelor's programme this autumn?
We can imagine that in the last year of your associate degree programme you will experience a small study delay. At the end of this academic year, you will not yet have an ad certificate. Sign up at Fontys anyway, you're welcome! You can start your bachelor's programme and have until 1-1-2021 to obtain your associate degree certificate. To be able to start, you will need to receive final advice from the examination board of your associate degree programme. This completion advice must be submitted to the bachelor's programme no later than August, 1 and answers the question whether it is plausible that you will complete the associate degree programme in question before January 1, 2021. For the bachelor's programme, you pay the tuition fees and you will be enrolled as a student for the first time. With the associate degree programme, you arrange your re-enrolment by submitting a statement of paid tuition fees for the bachelor's programme. I am a final-year bachelor's student and due to the Corona measures I am not sure whether I will receive my hbo diploma this academic year.

Can I start my advanced study programme (master's, university or elsewhere) this autumn?
For the answer to this question, please contact the advanced programme for which you have applied. Students at universities of applied sciences who want to progress to a master's or pre-master's degree will ask the examination board of their institute for a final recommendation, which will be handed in no later than August, 1 (date used by Fontys). The follow-on study programme will assess whether you can be admitted conditionally until 1-1-2021, after which you must have met the formal entry requirements. You will pay tuition fees for the subsequent programme and will be enrolled there for the first time. In the case of a higher professional education (hbo) programme, you will arrange your re-enrolment by submitting a declaration of paid tuition fees for the subsequent programme.

Will there be other starting and finishing times for education after the summer holidays?
At the express request of the ministry and the transport companies, we must spread the student flows so that public transport does not have to transport more than 40% of the regular number of students at the same time. In doing so, we must also take into account the maximum number of students and staff we are allowed to admit. In concrete terms, this means that the Local Crises Teams and timetables take into account a minimum of two start times and a minimum of two end times in order to spread the presence and therefore the travel of students as much as possible over the day and over the days of the week. We avoid as much as possible the starting time of 08.30 hours to limit rush hour travel.

Can I go back to the copy shop?
If you want to use the services of the copyshop in Eindhoven or Venlo, please contact them first:
Eindhoven: or 08850-78611
Venlo: or 06 - 21510290
The copyshop staff are familiar with the access rules and ensure that you are logged in for access to copyshop R5 or copyshop W1.

Will there be extra cleaning now that the buildings are partially in use again from 15 June?
From June, 15 onwards we will be cleaning as we were used to doing before, with extra attention to rooms where tests take place, contact surfaces (e.g. stair railings) and sanitary points (e.g. taps).

Is extra attention paid to the cleaning of coffee and vending machines?
The keys of coffee and vending machines are cleaned twice a day. In addition, detergent and towels are provided with the devices so that you can clean the keys yourself before use.

To monitor how many people are in a building, I have to log in to Fontys wifi or Eduroam when I enter. What about my privacy?
For monitoring the total number of people, '2count dashboard' is used. However, you must be logged in on Fontys wifi or Eduroam. When connected to an access point, it will be reported in that central system. This data stream from the protected central network goes via a secure connection to the supplier of the 2Count dashboard. There, the data is anonymized and only numbers are stored on the server. This means that when logging in, only one person is saved on the server: 1 person in building X. This cannot be traced back to the name of the person. This procedure has been coordinated with KPN, which works together with the supplier and our privacy officer. So there is no question of storing mac addresses or wifi tracking. Make sure you also have your Fontys card with you so that you can identify yourself.

How do I know how many people I can stay in a room with?
Calculations were made based on the number of square metres and the RIVM guidelines. On the doors of the classrooms are signs made of writable foil that indicate the maximum number of people. We're counting on you to stick to that.

Is there much talk about ventilation and indoor climate in buildings? How'd that work out at Fontys?
A healthy indoor climate is important. In doing so, we primarily follow the RIVM guidelines. In addition, we are taking extra measures in the building installations to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Settings of ventilation systems, cooling, etc. are optimised.

Will the parking spaces and bicycle sheds also be divided at 1.5 metres?
No, they're not classified separately. We assume that you deal with this yourself with common sense, take others into account and speak to each other about possible undesirable behaviour.

Will the classrooms also be fitted out after 15 June?
No, we'll leave the furniture in all the rooms. Mark where you may sit.

Can I stay in a Fontys building before or after a practical lesson or test?
No, that's not allowed. Accommodation is also not allowed at parking lots, bicycle parking places, entrances, corridors, front portals of toilets.

When scheduling, does Fontys take into account the time it takes for groups to get in and out of the buildings?
Yes, the schedule provides for no more than the maximum number of people in a building.

Can there be groups outside the window times (11:00 -15:00 and after 20:00) in a building who come by bike or on foot?
For the time being, the guideline is to offer educational activities only in window times.

Can I return borrowed materials to the media libraries and how do I do that?
Yes, this is possible to a limited extent, even if the media libraries are still closed (also from June, 15). This is mainly intended for students who graduate or otherwise finish their studies. We ask all other students to be patient. For the time being, it is not yet possible to physically hand in materials at the Fontys locations. You can send us your borrowed materials at no cost. Depending on your nearest study location, you may choose Tilburg or Eindhoven:

Mediatheek Tilburg– Materialen inleveren
Antwoordnummer 454
5000 VB Tilburg


Mediatheek Eindhoven– Materialen inleveren
Antwoordnummer 10069
5600 VB Eindhoven

We ask you to pack the materials carefully and clearly mention your own name as sender. The materials will be received by us, but cannot yet be registered. In your account you will therefore see these materials in your name. As soon as we are able to work on location again, all materials will be registered in the system as 'returned'.

Am I eligible for financial compensation for tuition fees?
In the first quarter of 2021, if you graduate between September 2020 and January 2021, you will receive a one-off compensation amount, amounting to a maximum of 3 months' tuition fees. This means a one-off compensation amount of € 535. This also applies to (international) students who pay institutional tuition fees. If your details are known to DUO, you do not have to do anything and DUO will automatically transfer the amount to you. If your details are missing, DUO will contact you to request them. You will receive the amount no later than March, 31 2021.

I can't get my diploma certified because my school is closed. What should I do?
In many cases, you can also have a certified copy of your diploma made at another official body in your country, such as a notary or the municipality.

If the buildings reopen partially for education and research, who will have access to them?
The first (partial) restart is intended to prevent study delays. We give priority to graduates. Until the summer holidays, we give priority to tests that cannot be taken online and education that cannot be carried out online and for which there are no alternatives. In this way, we try to limit possible extra study and work pressure for students and instructors in the new academic year.

Will more buildings open on June, 15 and for whom?
All Fontys buildings will open on Monday June, 15, subject to expansion of measures by the Cabinet:

- Knowledge tests that could not take place online, You will receive a test schedule via your study programme as soon as possible.

- Practical lessons and practical tests with priority for graduates, graduation sessions that cannot take place online, 'crucial work', and for vulnerable students/employees (if it is necessary for the welfare of these people).

If the buildings will be partially open on June, 15 will there be different times for education?
Students will have to travel outside rush hours in order not to overburden public transport. Fontys therefore offers educational activities between 11.00 - 15.00 and after 20.00 until the summer holidays, so that students can travel after or before rush hour and arrive and depart staggered.

Is there enough space in the Fontys buildings to carry out the necessary educational activities within the necessary 1.5 metres distance?
Due to the one and a half meter rule there is very limited space in the buildings. This means that there is room for about 20 -25 % of all people. We want to use Fontys buildings and locations as much as possible, which means that you may sometimes have to be in a different building for education, testing or work than you are used to.

Does Fontys make protective equipment available when the buildings reopen partially?
For the training programmes for contact professions such as physiotherapy and nursing, it is difficult to use one and a half metres. For these study programmes, we apply the national or branch guidelines. If test and protective equipment is required and/or recommended, Fontys will make this available to students and staff.

How does Fontys guarantee that practical education can take place in a responsible manner from June, 15?
For laboratories, workshops and practical training rooms, each institute will appoint a 'Corona responsible'. This person translates the Corona and safety guidelines into the relevant room and supervises compliance with hygiene, ensuring sufficient distance and the use of any additional protective equipment.

Can research activities take place in the Fontys buildings again from June, 15?
All research activities that are not related to a possible study delay will take place online. Research activities involving the use of practicals, practice rooms, etc. in the context of limiting possible study delays may take place at a Fontys location, provided they are appropriate within the general instructions of RIVM and GGD.

Will the graduation sessions again take place physically if the buildings are partially open after June, 15?
Graduation sessions will take place online as long as the current RIVM measures apply. If this is not possible, the director can grant permission for a graduation session on location.

Will Fontys still only continue to provide online education after June, 15?
Online education will continue until the summer holidays and we will give priority in the buildings to taking knowledge tests from period 3 and 4. After the summer holidays, Fontys will provide education within a 1.5-metre society, a mix of online and physical learning.

Is Fontys already preparing for education at the start of the academic year 2020-2021?
It is expected that the current restrictions on opening up buildings and providing physical education will apply for a longer period of time. We are therefore assuming a blended-learning offer, being a mix of physical and online education. This mix may differ per programme. When allocating the options for physical education, priority is given to first-year students because of their connection with the study programme.
Specific attention is also paid to mbo students without a diploma, who still have a small backlog to catch up with and to current first-year students who have not received a binding negative study advice and who are behind in their second year.

Can events take place again after June, 15 in Fontys buildings or on Fontys grounds?
Education is always the first priority at Fontys. Consideration will be given to whether and in what form other internal events are possible with due observance of government guidelines and the objectives of Fontys. For this purpose, a so-called decision tree is developed.

Will there be new rules of conduct?
All buildings will be equipped before 15 June so that these coronaproofs can be used for work and education. Through various means and channels, the guidelines and rules will be shared with the visitors. Furthermore, there will be appropriate signage to guide the attendees safely through the building.

Are the rules of conduct enforced?
Yes, enforcement is just like regular. We are jointly responsible for making the start-up as safe as possible. It is therefore also necessary that we speak to each other and point out if someone does not abide by the rules.

Is it safe to be in a Fontys building again?
Fontys takes all measures necessary for a safe stay in the buildings with due observance of the guidelines of the central government. Among other things, we are introducing compulsory registration and access to the buildings is controlled by means of the Fontys pass.

In which cases is there a possibility to gain access to a building as a student?
Students are only granted access to the buildings for practical lessons and tests that are not possible online. In case access is necessary for the student who is not able to handle online education well or who has to deal with e.g. fear of failure, time management or delay behaviour or problems with home or financial situation, access can be granted after permission of the director.

How does Fontys take care of the hygiene in the buildings?
Disinfectants will be available in sufficient places, where it is not possible to wash hands. For example at the entrances, certain teaching rooms and the vending machines. In addition, we will provide sufficient paper towels and soap on the toilets and there will be extra cleaning. Teaching staff are also provided with cleaning products for extra cleaning between each test, for example, and contact surfaces are cleaned several times a day. We try to limit contact moments and if that is not possible, we work with a screen. In addition, plastic screens are available at every (reception) desk.

Can I access the library online?
Yes you can, go to and use the search bar to search for online articles, e-books, e-journals, online videos etc. Or go to the page and search directly in an online source, or the special page with E-books (this collection is temporarily extra extended). With the browser extension you get the media library in your browser and get extra tips for online information.

Will there be catering from June, 15?
Because it is not permitted to stay in the Fontys buildings for the time being outside the practical lesson or test, there will be no catering available.

From when will the bicycle sheds be open again?
At the same time as the buildings, on 15 June.

How are the national knowledge tests conducted?
For the time being, these knowledge tests can only be taken on location; the dates of these tests are determined nationally. When allocating the available 'test space', these tests are therefore given priority when allocating spaces in the buildings. We follow the guidelines set by those responsible for these national tests. For example: the guidelines used by the Association of Universities of Applied Sciences for the National Knowledge Tests for teacher training courses.

Will there be changes for internships, practical education and education in partnerships after June, 15?
Internships and (graduation) projects at institutions and companies that take place outside the Fontys locations may take place. The policy of the internship provider will apply, provided the internship provider follows the guidelines of the RIVM. As a student, you can indicate whether or not you wish to continue the internship. Education that takes place in partnerships outside the Fontys locations (Partnership Opleiden in de School, education within companies) can take place under the same conditions.

Does Fontys take the welfare and health of students into account when the buildings open after June, 15 and which groups are involved?
Vulnerable students:

1.            Students with an unsafe and unbalanced home situation.

2.            Students with psychological complaints.

Of course Fontys pays attention to this and does everything in its power to be a safe haven for these students in this time of crisis. A more detailed plan will be announced later.

Is provision made for part of the summer holiday period to be used for e.g. tests or practical education?
This is not yet clear. If necessary, this will be discussed with the CMR.

As a foreign degree-student, can I take a full (bachelor) course at Fontys?
Our starting point is that - despite the special circumstances and obstacles - you are very welcome to come and study at Fontys from September 2020. But we are not developing any extra online educational offer. Just like the Dutch students, you can make use of an offer that is a mix between online education and education on campus.

What does the introduction of new students look like in the coming academic year?
The Purple Introweek takes place from Monday August, 24 to Friday August, 28 2020. The programme starts with a physical introduction to fellow students and teachers at a Fontys location. They will form their own intro group (including intro parents) to continue online from there. The online Purple Introweek consists of a range of digital activities. Think of a Fontys TV/YouTube channel and also the Purple Café. Later in the week the students will meet physically again when you are offered the opportunity to 'really experience' the city where you are going to study. Purple's partners (municipalities, associations, other institutions) offer a programme in both the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven and the Spoorzone in Tilburg, where in small groups (dosed admission, e.g. per mentor group) a first introduction to student life and the city takes place quickly and with the right experience. We aim to have the programme for the Purple Introweek ready by the end of June.

Are there keys in the Fontys buildings for the summer holidays?
It has been decided that from June, 29 (in week 9, 10 and 11 of period 4) Fontys will allow a maximum of 150 keys to be taken with TestVision, in combination with ProctorExam. The study programmes that have indicated to take part in this form of testing will be given permission to do so. For the remaining 600 knowledge tests scheduled in period 4, a solution will be sought with high priority. If possible, Fontys buildings will be opened for this purpose, naturally within the RIVM guidelines and the frameworks of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
In taking this decision, the guiding principle has been to limit study delays for students and not to make any concessions to the quality and level of the tests. In order to guarantee the latter, the Executive Board has formulated a number of conditions:

  • Institutes must submit the tests in question to the examination board for approval prior to taking them, in order to guarantee their validity and reliability.
  • The Working Group Tests Online must involve the examination committees in the evaluation of these tests afterwards.

The study programmes that start with this form of testing will inform their students as soon as possible. Instructions are available and a helpdesk has been set up for tutors and students to ensure that this runs smoothly. On May, 20 when it will be more clear (after cabinet decisions on further relaxation) that Fontys locations may be opened, the Housing & Facilities Department will work out the possibilities for taking the 600 knowledge tests on location together with the study programmes.

When do I have to apply for a minor at the latest?
The date of application before July, 1 will be postponed to before August,1. Because this year's testing goes in a different way, and therefore you may know a little later whether you will continue to the next academic year, we would like to give you an extra month to make a choice.

Will education and tests continue at Fontys during the summer holidays?
This is part of the restart plan. This plan states what is possible, when and where, at the locations. The advice on taking knowledge tests online also shows whether the edges of the summer holidays are necessary for taking tests.

Who decides what can and cannot take place on location?
The local crisis teams determine how many staff members are granted access to the buildings per day (in proportion to the number of students) and determine the priority given to certain groups (staff, lecturers, first-year students, etc.). The maximum numbers per building and per room may not be exceeded and the government's motto is still: work at home as much as possible!

I'm planning to study at hbo in the Netherlands next academic year, but because of the corona virus I won't be able to take a language test in my own country, can't I apply?
You can take an alternative test, such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge ESOL & TOIC. See:

I'm afraid I'll lose my residence permit because I don't get enough credits and therefore study late due to the corona crisis.
If you have a study delay due to the corona crisis Fontys will not report your study delay to the IND so you will not lose your residence permit because of this report.

I am unable to complete my study programme within the period of validity of my residence permit due to the corona crisis. What does this mean for me?
If you are unable to complete your studies within the validity of your residence permit due to the corona crisis, Fontys can apply for an extension of your residence permit.

Due to the corona crisis, I cannot meet DUO's requirement to work at least 56 hours per month because there is temporarily no work for me. What does this mean?
DUO has indicated that during the period that the corona measures apply, it will be flexible in dealing with this 56 hour requirement.

What about my health insurance?
These days when everything is controlled by the Corona virus, you don't want to have to worry about your health insurance. If you need health insurance when you already suffer from a chronic illness you can apply for the Masterplan+ insurance. You can even apply for this insurance if you're suffering from the Corona virus. (Premium per month 54,50 euro)
You can contact InsureToStudy and take out the Masterplan+ insurance via this link. Note: You have to use your email address.

How do you stay in touch in times of crisis and forced to study at home?
We have developed a new social platform Stay-connected where we collect different sportive, creative, musical, social and other online initiatives. We would like to expand this platform with more Fontys initiatives! So are you developing an online pub quiz? Or are you organizing your own online house party in which even more students can participate? Send an email with all the info to and we will be happy to put your initiative online! Let's Stay Connected.

What happens to knowledge tests in period 3?
Part of the tests can take place according to the schedule. In addition, there are tests that have to be postponed; think of tests relating to practical training, movement education, etc. And there is a group of tests in which under normal circumstances the knowledge is tested on paper, in a classroom.
Of the latter group, the courses will consider whether a substitute form can be chosen. If there is no substitute form, then postponement is an option or digital knowledge testing at a distance.  
Digital knowledge testing is not yet sufficiently safe and reliable. That is why we decided not to take digital knowledge tests in period 3 of this school year. A new decision on this form of testing will be taken on 1 May. If you have any questions about your tests in period 3, please contact your study programme.

Will I receive a Binding Study Advice this year?
The Binding Study Advice (BSA) for all students, both first and second year, is postponed by one year until the end of the second academic year (academic year 2020-2021). This means that no students will be deregistered this academic year on the basis of a binding negative study advice. However, programmes do have the possibility, based on the personal situation of the student, to provide a non-binding study advice on whether or not to continue with the study.

Is it still possible to get extra guidance from a student counsellor or student psychologist?
Yes, it is. Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences. Check

I am an international student, where can I go with questions that do not directly affect my studies but my well-being?
We want your stay in NL to be pleasant despite the situation and to make you feel good.Fontys' services continue, it is now also possible to make an appointment with a student coach, student counselor or psychologist via Skype.Other information can be found here:

I’m an international student and sometimes I feel a little bit stressed and alone, can
you give me
We want your stay in NL to be pleasant despite the situation and to make you feel good.
Fontys created a social platform Stay-connected where you can find online activities like mediation apps, workouts and the latest news. If you prefer to talk with a professional then make an appointment
with a student coach, student counselor or psychologist via Skype. Other information can be found here:

Where should I report if I'm infected with the Corona virus?
We would like to ask you urgently to report by telephone to your institute's business office. Mention whether you have been in contact with fellow students or whether you live in Fontys accommodation, for example. This report is also important if you are unexpectedly delayed in studying due to the Corona virus. Of course, you must also follow the rules of the GGD. 

My international study/internship will start soon, how do I know it is safe to go abroad?
Fontys currently has a travel ban on all outgoing mobility until further notice, meaning students are not allowed to travel abroad for study of internship. Fontys is monitoring the situation constantly and will share updates on the Q&A. Make sure you keep yourself informed and contact your coordinator Internationalisation to discuss the consequences of the travel ban for your studies.

​I am an international bachelor or master student and I want to go home. Is the situation around Corona a valid reason?
No it is not. Although Fontys is currently not providing education on campus we are currently working to provide you with online education. We do understand you might feel unsafe or worried about the Corona situation. We suggest you keep informed visiting the websites provided on If you do decide to return to your home country you need to inform your School/programme.

I am doing an internship in a hospital/care centre. Does this require extra attention?
We ask students to follow the instructions there. If this leads to questions about the study progress (e.g. the hospital is locked down), customisation is required.

I have concerns about my financial situation and I have no job now, what can I do? Are you employed under a zero-hour contract and do you have questions regarding your income, please visit the website of On this website, you will find information regarding your rights and a form that allows us to help you enquire your employer about future payments. Also take a look at the website, there is a lot of useful information regarding questions about your financial situation, housing etc.

Information for International degree students

1. Residence permit

  • Temporary home leave. If you go home temporarily, return to Fontys at a later stage and continue your enrollment as a student, you do not have to make any arrangements. Your residence permit will remain valid.If at some point you decide not to return to Fontys, please contact the coordinator of your study program and deregister as a student at Fontys. The study program coordinator communicates this to Team International Students and your residence permit will then be revoked.
  • Your study progress. Lack of study progress due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak may be qualified being an excusable cause. Your study department will be able to inform you about the matter.
  • Permit extension. If your residence permit needs to be extended in the coming months, you can do this digitally. You can start the extension process 3 months before your permit expires.
  • Terminating your studies. If you want to return to your home country and terminate your study program, please contact the coordinator of your study program and deregister as a student at Fontys. The study program coordinator will communicate this to Team International Students and your residence permit will be revoked.

    2. Fontys housing

    • If you go home temporarily, you are obliged to pay the rent for the remaining months (until July 31, 2020). This also means you can return to your room at any point. Please inform Team International Students about your plans, so they can ensure that the room will remain available to you.
      • If you have rented a room via Fontys, the rental contract will expire on July 31, 2020. You will have to vacate the room per July 31, 2020. If you are staying in a studio on the Lombokpad, you have a different rental contract and other conditions may apply
      • If you are staying in a private rental accommodation we advise you to contact your landlord.

    3. Insurance through InsureToStudy

    • If you go home temporarily and return to Fontys at a later stage, your insurance will continue as is. You will be contacted by InsureToStudy to extend the insurance per July 31, 2020. The can be done online.
    • If you have insurance with a different insurance company, you must contact them to cancel or extend the insurance.

    4. Registration at the municipality:

    • If you return home permanently, you must deregister at the Municipality
    • If you go back home temporarily, you do not have to deregister. Deregistering with the Municipality will then cause problems for your residence permit.

    Where can I go with my questions about the Coronavirus in relation to my study?
    There is a website and for international students. There you will find Q&A with frequently asked questions and answers. If your question and the answer are not listed there is a central point: where you can ask your question.