Incoming exchange students

What are the financial consequences if I am no longer able to participate in my exchange program due to changed circumstances?
If, due to the (global, national or regional) situation, you can no longer participate in the Fontys exchange program of your choice, then the financial risks is for the student.

What are the consequences if I decide to return to my home country prematurely?
In that case, you are responsible for any costs for accommodation, even if it is booked through Fontys and also for the extra costs for the return journey. Where possible and if necessary in consultation with your home university, your program will try to offer you a suitable alternative for continuing your set study program. The possibilities for this may vary per situation.

I can't get my diploma certified because my school is closed. What should I do?
In many cases, you can also have a certified copy of your diploma made at another official body in your country, such as a notary or the municipality.

What will the situation in the Netherlands be during Fall 2020?
There are still restrictions. For the current measures and updates please refer to the website of the Dutch government. (

I'm an incoming foreign exchange student. What will my education look like from the fall semester 2020 onwards?
From the fall semester 2020 onwards, you can choose from an offer that is a mix of online education and on-site education. This offer is exactly the same as that for Dutch students; Fontys is therefore not developing an additional online offer for incoming exchange students. The conditions only apply if the travel restrictions have been lifted and you meet the admission requirements.

I'm an exchange student and I want to go home. What shall I do?
Please contact your Internationalisation Coordinator.