The Artistic Research Fair

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The Artistic Research Fair is a joint initiative between the five Master programs of Fontys University of the Arts to celebrate Artistic Research as a fundamental methodology enhancing artistic and educational processes. 

Master Education in the Arts

Master Performing Public Space

Master of Music

Master of Architecture+Urbanism

Master Choreography

Artistic Research Fair

Mark your calendars for the upcoming
Research Fairs 2020/21*:

October 10, 2020
November 28, 2020
January 16, 2021
March 27, 2021
May 29, 2021

*May be subject to change. More information & details soon.

  • Goals

    FHK (Fontys University of the Arts) is delighted to announce a collaborative initiative celebrating Artistic Research as a fundamental methodology to enhance artistic and educational processes: The Artistic Research Fair. 

    All five Master programs of FHK (Master Education in the Arts / Master Performing Public Space / Master of Music / Master of Architecture+Urbanism / Master Choreography) have united to create an interactive festival offering its participants a safe space to exchange and explore theory, case studies and best practices. 

    The particular festival format enables direct engagement amongst the students and with external artists, researchers, educators or other professionals from relevant practices. 

    With this initiative the Master programs co-shape a more open-minded, more engaging and a more critical-thinking environment for their Master students, mentors and professional network. Common ground for artistic discourse is being created collectively – artistic research practices will be explored and questioned.
    The cross-disciplinary nature of this united endeavour feeds into the institutional urge to expand artistic boundaries and to understand interdisciplinarity as an intrinsic element of the arts, within an international context. In time, the festival will generate a vast amount of valuable input and build an archive of perspec-tives and practices from the current artistic research sector. The gained intelligence will directly enrich the institutional profile in the field of Artistic Research.

    Students decide how they would like to curate their own festival - MIX & MATCH the individual modules to best fit your interests and needs… 

  • Mix & Match - Curate your individual festival program! 

    The festival consists of three modules and is partially open to the public. Pick the modules of your interest and individually decide on the level of input, interaction or exchange:

     1. Input - Keynote Presentation (public) 
    A speaker from the professional field will be invited to share insights into a particular research practice or to introduce a particular research project or working method. 

     2. Interaction - Workshop / Discussion (public) 
    An external guest will host an interactive workshop on a particular research method or introduce relevant research tools. 

     3. Exchange - P2P Best Practice (non-public)  
    A selection of students and alumni from the five Master programs will present their research projects. By facilitating one-on-one meet ups and discussions, the students gain personal insights and direct reflections on their practice or work in progress. 

    Upon registration every participant can pick the modules of their interest and can thereby individually decide on the level of input, interaction or exchange. Starting from one session to a whole days program. 

  • How? When? Where?

    In order to enable low-barrier access to new and unfamiliar practices, expertise and know-how, the festival creates an engaging and enjoyable set-up for students to explore new territories. 
    For the Input and Interaction modules, experts, researchers and artists from a variety of sectors and disciplines will be asked to share their expertise in form of keynote presentations or interactive workshops/discussions. 
    The Exchange module offers students a safe space (non-public) to share best practices, working methods with each other and alumni from within their different programs. This is the space where students can share experiences, give each other input or discuss challenges. 

    The Research Fair will be held on a quarterly basis. The students and the public will be invited to the festival via various channels such as E-Mail and Social Media. 

    The festival takes place in different locations in or around the University in Tilburg. 

    Due to the health crisis (COVID-19)  the spring 2020 edition of the festival takes place online. 

  • MAY 2020 - Online Edition
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    Art Meets Research

    What is artistic research and what can we learn from artists who have done research as part of / as their work?

    How do we shape research as an artist and how does the art shape our research?

    We share ideas, discuss topics and get inspired by examples from practice. Interdisciplinary, international and inspirational…

    Click here for program details