Music Theatre and Musical Theatre

Fontys Academy for Music Theatre and Musical Theatre trains you to become a Bachelor Dance - Musical Theatre and Bachelor Music, both for Music Theatre and Music Theatre Classical. Furthermore, the academy has its own preparatory training Music and Musical Theatre.

The language of instruction during classes is Dutch. The academy turns out graduates of international stature. For many years now, a large number of alumni have been involved in (inter) national productions, or have been working as coaches in the professional field of theatre. The academy is part of Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts (FHK).  

Musical Theatre (bachelor Dance)

Musical Theatre trains you to become a dancer/singer or a triple threat: dancer/singer/actor, the performer who has mastered the art forms of dancing, singing and playing as one single entity.  Many alumni (former students) play roles in musicals, both at home and abroad, and are known for their professional versatility. In addition, many of our alumni get a chance to become  actors or anchorpersons on T.V., produce their own programmes, give dance classes or musical workshops, work as a singer/dancer in a band, host diner shows in the entertainment industry or are involved in lip-syncing in movies.

Music Theatre (bachelor Music)

Music Theatre trains you to become a singer/actor of international excellence for the professional field of musical theatre and music theatre. This internationally-oriented educational programme serves as a pioneer in the Netherlands and Belgium. Similar educational programmes in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and China have addressed us and have asked us about the vision behind the curriculum and its set-up, to provide them with a model for new training schemes.  At Music Theatre, trial auditions are held on a regular basis, including auditions for Stage Entertainment (Dutch and German) and for the ZAV-Staatsagentur. Music Theatre maintains close contact with many production houses (Stage Entertainment, Opera Zuid, M-lab, to list a couple). Music Theatre has a methodic vision propagated by the entire teaching staff, thus reinforcing all classes and disciplines. In that way, students obtain an excellent foundation in the field of Vocals, Drama, Dance and Theatre.

Music Theatre Classical (bachelor Music)

Music Theatre Classical (started in 2011) trains you to become a singer/actor of international excellence for the field of classical music theatre, including opera, operetta, classical musicals and contemporary music theatre.  The Music Theatre Classic formula was developed by artistic leader Music Theatre, Edward Hoepelman. Music Theatre Classical is unique in the Netherlands; and in Europe, for that matter! Over a period of four years, students are trained to become professional (classical) music theatre performers for the international music theatre field. Its vision: educating excellent classically trained singers who are also fine actors and possess body awareness when performing, to meet current demands of the professional field. This year, the very first graduation performance of the new (2011) educational programme Music Theatre Classical will take place.

The academy’s famous alumni

They have made it in the Netherlands:
Freek Bartels, Celinde Schoenmaker, William Spaaij, Anouk Maas, Terence van der Loo, Wieneke Remmers (distinguished track record and many leading roles) , Christanne de Bruijn (Sister Act and Moeder ik wil bij de Revue), Brigitte Heitzer (Evita and many other parts) .

Wietske van Tongeren and Annemieke van Dam are well-known musical stars in Germany and Austria. Wietske was leading lady in The Sound of Music (Maria in Salzburg), Rebecca (Ich in Vienna) and Elisabeth (In Stuttgart).  Currently, she is the leading lady in Rocky (Hamburg). Annemieke’s roles include the eponymous roles in Elisabeth, Mary Poppins and many others). Currently, Celinde Schoenmaker plays the leading role of Fantine in Les Misérables on the London stage.  Big names in Germany are:  Lauri Brons (Christine in Phantom of the Opera, Hamburg), Oedo Kuijpers (Raoul in Phantom of the Opera, Hamburg; next season a Mozart leading role in Vienna).  Deborah DeRidder is well-known in Belgium because of her multiple leading roles. Currently, Moniek Boersma plays the leading role in Le Bal des Vampires (Paris).

The Master of Music has also a major in music theatre classical. Some alumni are:  Maartje Rammelo (including Nederlandse Opera, Reisopera and Opera Essen), Laura Engel (world tour with Andre Rieu), Mark Gough (engaged as a singer at the reisopera and at companies in England and Italy), and Veerle Sanders (contract Opera Zuid). These are only a few of our alumni who have found a place on the stages of the best international music world.