Car park on Rachelsmolen campus

From mid-April until the end of August, we are building an overground car park on the Rachelsmolen campus. It will be located in the corner of the campus, on John F. Kennedylaan and Rachelsmolen. The car park will be ready for use by the start of the new academic year, on 27 August.

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More concentrated parking

The car park is the first in a series of large-scale building projects on the Rachelsmolen campus. The objective is to concentrate all campus parking facilities at a single location, while making room for a new educational building that will open its doors alongside R3 in 2020. This building will be located on the current site of the R3 car park. This parking capacity will effectively move to the new car park being built, where 400 parking spaces will soon be available.

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A car park will occupy this location from 27 August.

Fewer parking spaces during construction

Please note that during the construction of the car park, the campus will have 200 fewer parking spaces available. The car park location will then be a temporary construction site. Entrance gate 6 on the north side of campus will be closed during construction. All other entrance gates will remain open.

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Construction site from 16 April to 24 August.

Avoid parking stress by choosing an alternative

Since parking capacity on the Rachelsmolen campus will be significantly reduced during this period, we advise you not to travel to Fontys by car. If you have an alternative travel option, please take it. These may be interesting alternatives for you:

  • Come by train or bus. Did you know that Fontys staff members are fully reimbursed for public transport? Perhaps this is a good time to make the switch.
  • Or come by bike. There is still plenty of bicycle parking at Rachelsmolen (at R5 and R3). And there are secure bicycle sheds at R1 and R3. Furthermore, Fontys staff members that switch to bicycle or E-bike can take advantage of an interest-free bicycle loan. Click here for more information.
  • If you have an appointment outside of campus during the day, use an AMBER car (a shared electric car) instead of your own car. Staff members at Rachelsmolen can try out this sustainable means of transport until the summer holidays.
  • Consider carpooling. There are plenty of apps you can use for this purpose. One example is Blablacar.
  • If the campus car park is full, you can also park your car elsewhere. Take a look at the map alongside for parking spaces nearby.

Nearby parking

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