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Mission vision FHK


For those who wish to spin the world in the opposite direction, who want to turn the impossible into the feasible, Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts offers an investigative learning environment. Students are coached to adopt the process of explorative learning; they put together their own curriculum. They learn how to develop new artistic practices in collaboration with others. The school for applied sciences is part of a changing educational and professional reality in which future teachers and artists are going to encourage each other to research and create the world of tomorrow. 


High-quality art education in a dynamic setting, in which change is the rule rather than the exception, requires a school that is flexible and is capable of responding to the changes that surround us. On the basis of a clear-cut profile, we must make choices that are in line with strategic concepts for the future.

Our ambitions include FHK’s development into an interdisciplinary art school that collaborates in a dynamic way with partners from the professional fields. In the process, we distinctly want to search for connection with international partners. In our urban and regional areas, we want to be an indicator and a collaboration partner, participating in relevant activities based on knowledge, experience and creativity. 

Students are present on stages, but also and explicitly so, away from the stage. elsewhere. At our preliminary educational programmes, there is room for talent. As part of FHK’s educational vision, the student is increasingly his own director and is granted more space for encounters; the student is directing his own development, firmly supervised by his teacher/coach, learning by way of research and confrontation, all set in a stable and save learning environment.