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Núria Femenias Taltavull and Héctor Martinez Rivero (Sports and Performance Coaching )

After studying abroad, you will face problems in personal and professional life with another point of view.

In Barcelona we had three options to choose for a study abroad. We choose to study in the Netherlands because it is well known for its good educational system and because the lessons are in English. Italy and Poland only provide lessons in their native languages. We were afraid to get lost when translating. We both study Sport Science in Barcelona. This study focusses on practice. Besides our regular programme we have to choose a subject linked to sports. We both wanted to do that abroad.

Héctor explains: What I also like about the study abroad is meeting people from other cultures. I like football and I like coaching. In meeting other people and analysing the way they practise sport and are educated I experienced other views in dealing with problems personally and professionally. Núria explains further: I have liked sports since I was little. I always wanted to do something related to sports. I like to swim and play water polo. We love the sports, they are our life. With this study abroad I can improve my English. It is added value to my curriculum. In lots of job offers the English language is asked for. It will broaden my opportunities for a job in- or outside Spain. We both agree that Eindhoven is a nice city to live in. It is less crowded than Amsterdam. The people are friendly and polite. The support we receive from Fontys is great. Our international coordinator helps quickly, she answers really fast when we have questions.

We also experienced nightlife at the Stratumseind. The Tipsy Duck is a favourite meeting place for foreign students. Partying though is different from Spain. We party until six o’clock in the morning. In Eindhoven it starts and ends a lot earlier.

We expected to practise sports in the course. We discovered that this is not the aim of the programme: it focusses on mental coaching in sports. The facilities are great. You have a lot of smart boards in the classrooms. In Barcelona we only use overhead projectors.

The connection with the Internet is very fast and easy. A pity only that all instructions for printing and also the information on the HRM portal are in Dutch. Luckily our international coordinator helped us with the main issues. What differs from Spain are the long days of lessons. In Barcelona we have five days of lessons only in the morning. In Eindhoven three long days.

For me this study abroad is good contribution to my study career, Héctor tells. After studying abroad, you will face problems in personal and professional life with another point of view. In Spain we learn from the books. In the Netherlands I have learned from discussions. By taking part in discussions and giving your opinion, you have to think and question more, Núria adds. For me this experience will help me to improve my English in conversation with other people and in meeting people from abroad. It also adds to my curriculum. It was a contribution to my English. For example, if this interview would have taken place in the first week, we would not have had a conversation like this.

Home institution: Universitat de Vic, Barcelona Age: both 20
Home country: Spain