The Associate Professor

The knowledge network is led by Associate Professor Dr Mignon van Halderen. She has extensive experience in academic research, and has been active in the field of thought leadership for many years. For ten years, she conducted research at the Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University on major oil companies’ positioning strategies on the social theme of climate change. Van Halderen is also the author of the book Thought Leadership: vernieuwende inzichten op het snijvlak van markt en maatschappij (Thought Leadership: innovative insights and value creation on the cutting edge of market and society), and has written various articles on thought leadership for national and international publications.

In the last few years, she has developed the Thought Leadership Framework which explains how thought leadership strategies may be developed on the basis of four phases and underlying steps. In addition to her position as an associate professor, she also runs the consulting firm, Leading Thoughts, which advises organisations on thought leadership and trains current and future professionals. Van Halderen may be contacted via email at