Can I wear a plastic transparent mouth cap? (03-12-20)
The government has stipulated that these mouthpieces may no longer be worn from 1 December. Fontys follows the government. This means that plastic mouth caps are no longer permitted. If necessary, you can pick up a suitable disposable oral cap at the reception desk.

Do I have to wear a face mask in the Fontys buildings? (15-10-20)
From October 26 (after the autumn vacations) it is mandatory for staff and students to wear a face mask on the Fontys locations in corridors, halls and toilets and in those (class) situations where the 1.5 meter distance cannot be guaranteed.

Does Fontys make protective equipment available? (15-10-20)
Due to the obligation to wear a face mask, it is a 'work equipment' that is made available to employees. This does not apply to students; they have to provide their own face masks. In case you forgot to bring your face mask, you can pick one up at the reception desks in the buildings.

What is the function of coronacoaches and where are they used? (02-11-20)
We started on campus Rachelsmolen, building Nexus, campus Stappegoor and campus Venlo. In December we added Sporthogeschool and Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten. The coronacoaches will move around the campus in pairs between 9-14 hours. They appeal to students and staff for (often unconsciously) not following the rules, choosing the wrong walking routes and keeping a distance of one and a half meters. The enforcement role lies of course with our security staff.

What happens when stricter measures are announced in a region/place where Fontys is located, e.g. in the event of a large outbreak of infection? Or in case of a partial lockdown?
Fontys will then comply with the regional/local measures and guidelines. In that case, consult with your supervisor or SLB employee if this prevents you from fully practicing or following work or study. If education is shut down by the government or if Fontys decides to do so itself, teams are formed within the affected institutes to map out the consequences and reschedule where possible. Information about safety around Corona will follow as soon as possible.

How does Fontys guarantee that practical education can take place in a responsible manner?
For laboratories, workshops and practical classrooms, each institute appoints a 'Corona responsible'. This person translates the Corona and safety guidelines into the relevant room and supervises compliance with hygiene, ensuring sufficient distance and the use of any additional protective equipment.

Is it safe to be in a Fontys building again?
Fontys takes all measures necessary for a safe stay in the buildings in compliance with the guidelines of the national government. Among other things, we introduce a mandatory registration so that there is never more than the allowed maximum number of people in the building and access to the buildings is controlled - at least until the summer vacations - by means of the Fontys pass.

Are there new rules of conduct?
All buildings have been designed in such a way that they can be used for work and education. There are appropriate signage to guide the attendees safely through the building.

Are the rules of conduct maintained?
Yes. We are jointly responsible for making the start up as safe as possible. It is therefore also necessary that we speak to each other and point out if someone does not follow the rules.

I have the idea that unsolicited recordings (audio and video) are made of online lessons. Where can I report this?
At Fontys we apply the Internal Code of Conduct, which also includes the IT Code of Conduct.

What should I pay attention to when taking photos and videos at meetings in and around Fontys buildings?
For meetings one and a half meter distance must be kept. That is not always easy. We therefore ask you not to share photos and videos where people are inadvertently (too) close to each other. This gives an undesirable picture of the way in which Fontys observes and enforces the rules.