About the research group

The research group Moral Design Strategy aims to use a refreshing methodology to contribute to making a smart society more humane, in which the morality of the individual plays a central role. In doing so, we want to reduce the distance between the individual and the organisation and contribute to a more stable organisation in both the public and private domain.

The objective of the research group is to map individual morality (moral data) in concrete technological applications, to convert this moral data into application design, and to translate this process into new organisational strategy formulation. Moral data is the translation of individual morality into observable data. Moral design is the design process in which morality underlies innovation. Moral strategy is the organised and well thought-out direction we give to this process.

Research lines

The research group will focus on three lines of research (see below), which in total comprise seven defined projects. These pillars fit well into the matrix mentioned above (moral design, strategy, private & public), whereby the emphasis of these pillars differs somewhat.

  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood! – Moral design and democracy

    • 1a. Mobile Moral Lab
    • 1b. Moral data & the city
    • 1c. A chatbot for change – Moral design and fake news
  2. 2. Applied human rights

    • 2a. Product design & human rights
    • 2b. Social design & human rights
  3. 3. Moral strategy and leadership

    • 3a. Prepping for Karen: a new strategy for business
    • 3b. Moral Leadership & Brainport Eindhoven’s SMEs