Organisation and management

Fontys is a foundation that has three processes underpinning its organisational structure:

  • Board
    Supervision rests with the Supervisory Board, the Executive Board forms the competent authority under it, and acts as the unit responsible for results. The Executive Board is supported by a secretary and a deputy secretary, a communications advisor/speechwriter, the Control Department and the Board Secretariat.
  • Primary
    The institutes carry out core Fontys activities (education, research and contract activities), each in their own market segment.
    • Supportive
      The Executive Board and the institutes make use of seven services that provide support for teaching, research and contract activities.
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    Management philosophy

    The Fontys organisation has two management layers: the Executive Board and the boards of the institutes and services. The boards are integrally responsible for managing the institutes, the primary process and attained results. The service organisation reports directly to the Executive Board.


    To a large extent, the educational institutes enjoy unrestricted latitude in how they interpret the primary and supporting processes within education, practical research and contract activities. One proviso however is that practical research and contract activities have a demonstrable and direct added value for education. Because of the diversity of the environment in which they operate, institutes have enhanced scope in their individual approach, set-up and culture. They work within agreed frameworks, which ensure 'aligned freedom’; a balance between the individual sway of institutions and the combined clout of Fontys as a whole. We involve our students in positioning issues, educational content and educational innovation, as well as in the organisation of activities.


    The Fontys Executive Board has been set up in accordance with the principles of the Governance Sector Code and, accordingly, complies with this Code. Fontys also bases its remuneration on applicable regulations and the Sector Code.

    We consider it our social responsibility to give substance to education and research via an open dialogue with our stakeholders. The sizeable dynamics within the field of higher vocational education necessitate flexibility. The institutes will therefore have the governance practices of the universities of applied sciences reviewed every four years to see whether the Governance Sector Code needs to be amended.

    We strive for transparency in supervision and management. For example, we provide insight into the organisational structure and composition of the Executive and Supervisory Boards, the profile of the Supervisory Board and the retirement schedule of the Supervisory Board.

    NVAO accreditation

    All Fontys Associate degrees and Bachelor and Master’s programmes are accredited by NVAO (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders).