Other questions on education

Is Fontys already working on scenarios for the new academic year? (19-04-21)
At this point, it seems likely that at the start of the new academic year, vaccination policies will be in full effect and a very large portion of the population will have been vaccinated. The resulting epidemiological picture does not yet allow us to completely abandon all measures. We now think that the remaining measures will be aimed particularly at limiting large gatherings and thus opportunities for rapid spread or superspread events.

Is there a chance that tests and/or re-examinations will take place in the 0-week? (19-04-21)
The board has given institutes the possibility to use the so-called 0-week (the week of 23 August) for tests and/or resits, provided that they properly coordinate this with the decentralized participation body. The educational year agenda has been adjusted to this.

How much is the tuition fee for the academic year of 2021-2022 (EER-student)? (12-04-21)
For the academic year of 2021-2022 the annual tuition fee is € 1.084.

I am a first year student, how much is the tuition fee for the academic year of 2021-2022 (EER-student)? (12-04-21)
First-year students pay half of the annual tuition fee for of 2021-2022: € 542.

How much is the tuition fee for the academic year of 2021-2022 (non-EER student)? (12-04-21)
Non-EER students pay the institutional tuition fee. Please contact your Fontys School for the institutional tuition fee for the academic year of 2021-2022.

I graduate before 31st August 2021. What happens with the tuition fees I already paid? (12-04-21)
If you graduate before 31st August 2021 you will receive a refund from DUO of €535. This is on the condition that during the academic years of 2019-2020 ánd 2020-2021 you were registered at Fontys for at least one month in each year.

If easing measures are announced by the government as of April 26, what does that mean for students? (29-3-21)
That could mean that students will again be allowed to come to location at least one day a week. Research shows that students especially need contact with fellow students, see each other live again and meet each other. We would therefore like to use the space that may be created to facilitate and stimulate social interaction between students. We intend to use the full capacity of our buildings for this purpose, while maintaining the 1.5 meter distance. In doing so, we must also continue to take into account public transport capacity (maximum 2 start and end times and maximum 20% of pre-coronary travel movements).

Can I view my tests? (09-03-21)
If institutes wish to allow students to peruse examinations, they may inform the LCT of the location in question. The LCT, in close consultation with the institute, will ensure that the tests are administered securely within the known frameworks (maximum numbers per building, distance etc.).

I have a (practical) exam in the period that the curfew is in force. What does the curfew mean as of January, 23 for my examinations that are scheduled in the evening? (21-01-21)
There is an exception for students who have to take an already planned (practical) exam or examination. You are then granted exemption to be on the road and to travel after 9 pm, but you must have your own statement, a statement from the educational institution and your identity document with you.

How do I get an exemption statement from Fontys? (21-01-21)
This Fontys exemption statement will be issued to you when you sit the test. You can find your own statement on the website of the Rijksoverheid.

Will physical study activities be organised again in 2021? (15-12-20)
Physical activities that do not directly contribute to the organised education or location-based research are fully scaled down. This also means that all planned physical study activities in the coming period will be cancelled. For more information, please visit https://fontys.edu/Study-at-Fontys/Online-open-days-webinars-and-fairs.htm

What are the consequences of the lockdown on December, 16 for tests? (15-12-20)
The touch grid remains unchanged. Most of the tests are already online and the tests planned on location can be taken there.

As of December, 16 will there only be online education? (15-12-20)
Yes, from December,16 until at least January, 17 there will be no physical educational activities in the Fontys buildings as a result of the government lockdown. This also applies to education taking place at external locations. Online education applies to everyone with the exception of:

- Vulnerable students;
- Practical education;
- Testing and examinations.

What exactly does Fontys mean by practical education? (15-12-20)
Practical education is education that requires facilities on location, such as laboratories, workshops and rehearsal rooms. This is education that really cannot be offered online. We ask you not to push the boundaries of this definition and to use your common sense. If in doubt, contact the CCT via cct@fontys.nl.

When am I a vulnerable student? (15-12-20)
This is what you are when you are unable to study well at home due to special personal circumstances or are vulnerable for some other reason. You remain welcome on location during the period of lockdown. You will discuss possible access with your study career counsellor. The Academic Career Counsellor will make an assessment of the need and make a reservation in the building in question.

What exactly is meant by practical education? (15-12-20)
Practical education is education for which facilities are needed on location, such as in laboratories, workshops and rehearsal rooms. It is education that really cannot be offered online. We ask you not to look at the edges of this definition and to use your common sense. If in doubt, please contact the CCT via cct@fontys.nl.

Can I come to a Fontys location for research activities? (15-12-20)
Research activities can only continue to take place at the location of the institution if they are strictly site-specific and cannot be carried out online or from home.

Can I go to my internship company? (15-12-20)
For internships, the rules for the sector/industry in which the internship is done apply. If these activities continue, the internship can also continue. I am following a course of study that trains me to become a contact person.

I am studying to become a contact professional. Are these lessons continuing? (15-12-20)
Training in these professions can continue and, for the time being, the sector protocols as they have applied up to now can be used, unless this is later determined otherwise.

Where do the tests take place in period two? (11-11-20)
Contrary to period one (also taking tests at external locations) the tests in period two take place again in Fontys buildings or online. This increases controllability and predictability and makes us less dependent on external circumstances.

Can I take part in an external training or education again? (11-11-20)
You can participate in training and education of third parties, provided that the meetings are organized in such a way that they comply with the applicable rules regarding distance and protection. We ask you to verify this yourself and, in case of doubt, to consult with your manager.

A task force review has been set up. Why is this necessary? (04-11-20)
The task of this task force is to reduce the vulnerability to taking tests on location and to increase the predictability for staff and students, whereby the quality of the tests is paramount. The starting point is testing at own locations. Large-scale tests, such as in the first half of November at external locations, are no longer allowed, also because they lead to feelings of insecurity among students and staff.

Does the postponement of binding study advice also apply to me if I joined in February? (04-11-20)
The Board of Governors has decided to postpone the issuance of the (binding) study advice for one year also for students who started their studies in February.

Working at home will take quite some time. Are there plans to develop a policy for this? (02-11-20)
The P&O department has started to draw up so-called homeworking policy. The first outlines of this policy have now been presented to the CvB. The final policy is expected to be presented in the first quarter.

Do I have to keep paying tuition fees when there is no physical education?
Fontys does everything in its power to continue the lessons through distance learning. So there is education and that means you have to pay tuition fees.

Am I eligible for financial compensation of tuition fees?
If you graduate in the period June 2020 to August 2021, you will receive a one-off compensation amounting to a maximum of 3 months of tuition fees. This means a one-off compensation of € 535. This also applies to (international) students who pay institutional tuition fees. If your details are known to DUO, you do not have to do anything and DUO will automatically transfer the amount to you. If your details are missing, DUO will contact you to request these details.

Because of the coronavirus, I can't work alongside my studies because my secondary job has stopped. I can't pay my tuition fees. What can I do?
DUO makes every effort to help you and will take your personal situation into account. At DUO, you can make use of the loan possibilities and increase your loan. If necessary, with retroactive effect from the beginning of the academic year. In addition, you can apply for a tuition credit. You can arrange this yourself via myDUO. If this is still insufficient, please contact DUO for a customised solution.

Is it still possible to get extra guidance from a student counsellor or student psychologist?
Yes, it is. Due to the measures related to the Corona virus, all appointments take place by telephone- or via Skype conferences. Check www.fontys.edu/fontyshelps

I am an international student, where can I go with questions that do not directly affect my studies but my well-being?
We want your stay in NL to be pleasant despite the situation and to make you feel good.Fontys' services continue, it is now also possible to make an appointment with a student coach, dean or psychologist via Skype.Other information can be found here: fontys.edu/fontyshelps.

Where should I report if I'm infected with the Corona virus?
We would like to ask you urgently to report by telephone to your institute's business office. Mention whether you have been in contact with fellow students or whether you live in Fontys accommodation, for example. This report is also important if you are unexpectedly delayed in studying due to the Corona virus. Of course, you must also follow the rules of the GGD. 

​I am an international bachelor or master student and I want to go home. Is the situation around Corona a valid reason?
No it is not. Fontys is currently providing blended education, meaning you will be expected on campus for some of your classes. We do understand you might feel unsafe or worried about the Corona situation. We suggest you keep informed visiting the websites provided on www.fontys.edu/corona. If you do decide to return to your home country you need to inform your School/programme.


What are the financial consequences if I am no longer able to participate in my exchange program due to changed circumstances?
If, due to the (global, national or regional) situation, you can no longer participate in the Fontys exchange program of your choice, then the financial risks is for the student.

What are the consequences if I decide to return to my home country prematurely?
In that case, you are responsible for any costs for accommodation, even if it is booked through Fontys and also for the extra costs for the return journey. Where possible and if necessary in consultation with your home university, your program will try to offer you a suitable alternative for continuing your set study program. The possibilities for this may vary per situation.

I can't get my diploma certified because my school is closed. What should I do?
In many cases, you can also have a certified copy of your diploma made at another official body in your country, such as a notary or the municipality.

What will the situation in the Netherlands be during Fall 2020?
There are still restrictions. For the current measures and updates please refer to the website of the Dutch government. (https://www.government.nl/topics/c/coronavirus-covid-19)

I'm an incoming foreign exchange student. What will my education look like from the fall semester 2020 onwards?
From the fall semester 2020 onwards, you can choose from an offer that is a mix of online education and on-site education. This offer is exactly the same as that for Dutch students; Fontys is therefore not developing an additional online offer for incoming exchange students. The conditions only apply if the travel restrictions have been lifted and you meet the admission requirements.

I'm an exchange student and I want to go home. What shall I do?
Please contact your Internationalisation Coordinator.


My partner university only offers online classes for Fall 2020. If you wish to participate in online classes your partner university offers you can choose to do so but it is advisable to discuss this with your Coordinator Internationalisation. You may have to resubmit your Learning Agreement. Otherwise, please contact your coordinator Internationalisation to discuss your options.

My international study/internship will start soon, how do I know it is safe to go abroad? You will only be allowed to travel abroad if the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is green or yellow. Make sure you keep yourself informed and contact your coordinator Internationalisation to discuss your options.

I have registered for a minor Study Abroad for Fall 2020. Can I continue my preparations? Yes, you can continue your preparations. However, please be aware that the current situation is still uncertain and you will only be allowed to travel to your partner university if the travel advice from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is green or yellow. If you have any questions or wish to discuss your options for Fall 2020, please contact your coordinator Internationalisation.

What are the consequences of the coronavirus for my Erasmus scholarship? Please contact studyabroad@fontys.nl and take a look at the Erasmus+ scholarships page.