Nadya Cheperkova

Why Fontys?

Fontys came as my first choice to deepen my experience in ICT, not only because of its attractive multinational culture but also because of its practical way of study. The best way to learn is by practice. Fontys prepares you for the professional world and helps you throughout the process of finding your career choice. Fontys gives you the freedom to choose what best works for you, and you can explore many different directions throughout your education. Moreover, the university offers study programmes in several locations, allowing you to pick the city you like the most.

Do you have some tips for new students?

Don't worry if you don't have any experience in the study field you have chosen. You don't need any specific prior knowledge to start your education at Fontys. You are here to learn, and you can start from zero. You can achieve big accomplishments if you stay well organised and focused. Try to be proactive and always ask questions. Everyone is willing to help you, and always remember that there are no stupid questions.

Anything you want to add?

Everyone here speaks English, so don't worry if you are not fluent in Dutch. Dutch people are extremely open and positive, and you will receive a warm welcome. Just keep in mind that the weather is not always so welcoming. Prepare for a lot of cloudy days and rains.