Livia Popper

Why Fontys?

I chose to study at Fontys because I wanted to combine theory with practice. Here, I got the perfect opportunity to do so, and I managed to create a great network, which later on could lead me to great career opportunities. Furthermore, working as part of real companies during my studies was a great addition to my personal and professional development. I also learned at Fontys how important teamwork is, and I think this is essential for my career. You are always part of a team, no matter what your field of study is

Do you have some tips for new students?

I wish all our new students very good luck with the chosen study programme! My advice for them is to stay organised throughout their studies and to work hard, and they will surely succeed! I also suggest they spend time during their first year of studies in order to carefully select a main study track. That is also the reason why the first year is called the exploration/orientation phase.

Anything you want to add?

Eindhoven is the perfect place to study if you have a big interest in the field of technology. Here, students often choose to stay after they complete their studies because of the great opportunities offered by well-known companies, such as Philips, Signify, or Bosch. Additionally, the Dutch culture is open-minded. Students here can always express their opinions or ideas, and they are always being listened to. I find this to be extremely important because students will always feel encouraged this way to be themselves and to aim higher.

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