NOVEMBER 28 2020 - Online Edition

Ambience photo Fontys

Art Meets Research

What is artistic research and what can we learn from artists who have done research as part of / as their work?

How do we shape research as an artist and how does the art shape our research?

We share ideas, discuss topics and get inspired by examples from practice. Interdisciplinary, international and inspirational…

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Program  (public)

09:30 Keynote Falk Hübner 

11:15 Keynote Vincent Meelberg

15:30 Interactive workshop 'What Business is Art?' with Marcel Musch, Bart Zwart

Program (for FHK students/staff only)

13:30 Alumni Presentation Sophie Lindsey (PPS), Goedele Wellens (MKE)

13:30 Alumni Presentation Nuno Silva (MOM), Jordy Dik (COMMA)

15:00 Alumni Presentation Evy Raes (PPS), Ron Claessens (MKE)

15:00 Alumni Presentation Marta Reig Torres (COMMA), Francesca Ajossa (MoM)

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