Creative Economy

Things must change. And they can.

The world is no longer the same. What is happening and possibly will happen, goes beyond our imagination. The impact of the corona virus is complex, and so are the consequences of the climate crises, escalating unsafety, the growing polarization (from religion to identity politics), and the increasing inequalities in wealth and well-being…

Fontys is responding with the start of four new economic study programmes, focused on the economy of the future: the creative economy.

Fontys Academy for the Creative Economy trains students to become authentic and engaged impact creators; creative professionals for the new economy, who can initiate transitions by connecting their creativity with entrepreneurship and social awareness. They do this by developing and realizing new concepts for marketing, business, entrepreneurship, communication and lifestyle. Each of the four new programmes is aimed at the creative economy; one that is agile, sustainable and humane.

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These are the four new programmes for the creative economy:

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Marketing Management -
Digital Business Concepts

Students work on creative business concepts for the online and offline world that reach beyond and reshape the economy.