Accommodation for international students

It is not always easy for international students to find accommodation in Holland (The Netherlands). Therefore, Fontys University of Applied Sciences (Fontys) offers a service to provide students with assistance in securing suitable accommodation (i.e. a student room) for the first period of their studies at Fontys.

In general

Although Fontys does not have its own campus dorms, it has established cooperations with a number of different accommodation agencies and landlords (further on this website referred to as housing agency). Through such cooperations, Fontys can provide students with guidance in finding accommodation for a semester or academic year at Fontys. The range of available accommodation is extremely varied, but all satisfies specific standards and are located within a short distance from the various Fontys campuses. As a student, if you apply for accommodation assistance through Fontys, Fontys will cover the fee that an accommodation agency would normally charge to you.

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