Sound engineering (Specialization programme)

Fontys University Engineering College offers a specialization program in Sound Engineering as part of the bachelor program Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

This specialization is interesting for students who want to apply Electronic Engineering knowledge to music, light, sound and technology. Around 70% of the curriculum is dealt with Electronic Engineering subjects (theory and practicals). The remaining 30% involve practical design assignments in the wide field of music. You will develop devices for recording, processing and reproducing audio and music. You may think of the following:

  • Guitar elements
  • (tube) amplifiers
  • Effect devices (distortion, compressor/limiter, equalizer, analogue delay and looping)
  • Plug-ins
  • Switch devices
  • AD/DA real time devices (USB/firewire)
  • Spectrum analyzers
  • Recorders
  • Follow spot control
Subjects Semester 1 Subjects Semester 2
Year 1 Programming in C# 1 Programming in C# 2
Mathematics 1-2 Mathematics3-4
Analogue & Digital Electronics Analogue & Digital Electronics
Generic Engineering Skills Measuring, Modelling & Simulation
Communication Skills Study & Career Orientation
System Engineering 1 System Engineering 2
2 Projects 1 Project
Year 2 Embedded Systems Embedded Connectivity
Analogue Electronics 4 Analogue Electronics 3
Fields, Energy & Conversion Digital Design 3
System Engineering 3 Telecommunications 1
Control Theory 1 Signal processing
2 EXPO-projects 2 EXPO-projects
Communication skills & SCO Communication skills & SCO
Year 3 Internship in company Minor: Free choice from programmes offered by Fontys or pre-Master at TU/e or Engineering minor EEE
Year 4 Digital System Design Graduation Project in International Company
Research methods, trends and WOT
Project E
Advanced Control Systems
Advanced Analogue Design
Telecom / Wireless

How will it go?

In the first year of your study you will deal with general engineering subjects like mathematics but also Electronic related subjects like Analogue and digital design. No specific sound related subjects.

The projects in year 2, 3 and 4 of your study are related to music. Ideas for project assignments can be given by students. In year 3 and 4 there is an option to do internships in companies in the music industry (e.g. Harman Group, Music Group).


For more information about the content of the Electronic Engineering programme please have a look at our website There you can also find a lot of other information, how to apply, fees, scholarship programs etc.

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